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The Impossible Letter

The Impossible Letter is a gameplay-driven narrative puzzle game. The player takes on the role of an ordinary middle school student who receives an anonymous letter, asking him to do the impossible. In order to solve the problem, the player will have to explore different facets of human nature and learn how to deal with pressure, fear, and other emotions. The game includes more than 30 unique puzzles that gradually introduce the player to new concepts and challenges. Eventually, every answer leads to another.

The response from the recipient of the letter leads to an investigation by the player’s local police department and eventually to a criminal investigation by federal agents. This game is intended for mature audiences. It is not necessary that you know anything about this scenario in order to enjoy this game, but it will make more sense if you do.

It’s up to the player to piece together who wrote the letter and why. To do so, they will have to investigate every detail of this stranger’s life by reading every piece of mail they receive as well as every book, poster, and other items that reference them. By doing so, you not only change how the person sees themselves but possibly save their life at the same time.

How to play The Impossible Letter

Using Mouse

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